May 31, 2012

Baby Party Ball: Baby Bubble Bed By Lana Agiyan


No one dares challenge my undying love for the plexiglass bassinet. As long as it has a plausible afterlife. Because seriously, people, there is nothing more pointless than a bassinet. Except an expensive, designy bassinet. So really, you need to have a clear [no pun intended, this is serious] and realistic claim for how, exactly, the bassinet will be re-deployed after its short, seriously short, useful life--we're talking weeks here, people, weeks--is ended.


And I'm glad I remembered this before laying into Lana Agiyan's spectacularly ridiculous Bubble Baby Bed prototype. Because could there be anything less practical? Even if it doesn't weeble wobble your kid over onto the ground. Which I'm sure it does not, because it's got that little ridge along the bottom. Still, unless it can nest inside itself somehow, don't these things have to be shipped from the factory fully assembled?

No problem. Because when the kid outgrows it after 15 weeks, just toss the organic wool and buckwheat mattress aside. Then fill that bad boy with ice and drinks, and have a party. Your kid's barely sleeping through the night, and you managed to buy the world's biggest party ball/ice bucket. This parenting thing is gonna be great.

Baby Bubble Bed by Lana Agiyan [ via gizmag, thanks dt reader rolf]

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