May 25, 2012

FaceTime With Elmo


Blues Clues and Dora got a generation of kids to think they're talking to the TV, and now those kids are all grown up, and making iPhone apps. Including Elmo Calls, which basically simulates a FaceTime chat with the little red simpleton.

And it sounds like it kind of sucks:

But maybe your kid'll be fooled, and Elmo can convince him to buy more in-app calls at $0.99 a pop, or $4.99 for the "All Calls Pack."

So let's mock now, before Apple rolls out Siri technology to 3rd party developers, and this talking all day with Elmo thing is gonna get real serious real fast.

Elmo Calls [, image: khoi]
Elmo Calls, $0.99 to start, with no end in sight [itunes]

1 Comment

I love Elmo Calls. I got it when it was free for a couple of days, because god forbid I spend a Dollar on an app, but it's cool. Although I think my daughter is not into it anymore, now that she's a sophisticated 2-year-old.

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