May 21, 2012

Shibuya Hikarie Underground Breastfeeding Spa De Gozaimasu


Luxurious women's lounges in department stores are nothing new. But I still can't help thinking the six differently themed ladies' rooms on each level of the new Shibuya Hikarie complex, including the curtain-filled breastfeeding spa on B2, is the "make lemonade"-style expression of the embarrassment and shame directed at women and their bodies that's so deeply ingrained in Japan's pathologically patriarchal culture.

On the other hand, free wi-fi!

you'll want to visit Shibuya Hikarie just to use the ladies' room! [ via @camcavers]

1 Comment

ah, i miss japanese department stores. breasts are over-sexualized in japan, however legs are not, so you see endless hordes of women walking around in daisy-duke length shorts and skirts. in the middle of winter.

the nursing lounges are very nice: they're a quiet place to nurse without the gawking eyes of strangers, men are able to bottle-feed in the main lounge and women go into curtained 'stalls' to nurse. there are more than enough changing tables, so there's no need to wait for another parent to hurriedly change their infant. and sinks to warm bottles...i loved these lounges, but if we're attempting to remove the stigma from nursing, i'm guessing building these are a step backward?

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