May 16, 2012

Quick, To The Dadcave

I meant to link to Choire's concerned post about the coming real estatepocalypse in Brooklyn when all the adorably involved dads get divorced, but won't move out of the hard-fought good school boundaries, but I got behind. And a good thing, because he found the solution last night in a man summit with some of those eventually-to-divorce dads: dadcaves. They'll all be roomies. Problem solved. Real estate problem, anyway.

Plus, they're all going to be living in the new Crown Heights, after it's gentrified, anyway. That's too bad, because do you know how hard it is to get from the 3 train to the F train? Commuting from daddy's Brodown Palace to Mommy's Lil' Yoga Retreat in Carroll Gardens is going to be horrible for Parsnip and Carrot, the sad hipster twins of divorce.
Future Brooklyn: The Dadvorcé Mancave [theawl]
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