May 7, 2012

Saab Safari: It Was An Ancient Saab 900 Station Wagon, He Selleth One Of Two


Oh, nothing, just the Saab Safari, one of two Saab 900 Station Wagons, kept in a showroom for 20 years and now for sale in the Netherlands for under EUR10,000.

I mean, seriously, why has it taken this guy eight months to move this beautiful thing?


I'm not a Saab fanatic, and I really can't figure out what the story is here. Who made them, what, why, I can't tell, but there are apparently only two of these Saab Safaris, and the other one is [ahem was?] in the Saab Car Museum. It's built on a 1981 Saab 900 Classic, and it has just 78,000km, And it should be plenty old enough to be exempt from EPA and DOT restrictions, making this rig fully importable. And it looks fantastic.

Obviously, because it was parked inside for two decades, in Somewhere Else, Sweden, until 2010, when Utrecht-based Saab enthusiast Henk Griffioen [hey, do you know...] bought it and brought it back into working, running order.

It was apparently first offered for sale on a NL Saab forum last November, with an asking price of EUR9000. But DT reader Ivar just spotted a recent listing on, the Dutch auction/classified site. Bidding's up to EUR9800, so I assume it'll sell this time around. They accept PayPal. This is not a drill.

COLLECTORS ITEM! Uiterst zeldzame SAAB 900 Classic Estate [, thanks dt reader ivar]
5/9 UPDATE: the listing is now gone. the last bid I saw was EUR10,000.

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wow. someone made a wicked buy.

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