May 2, 2012

Gilty! Maclaren Is Definitely Not Dumping Netto Furniture On


Yes, it's Netto Furniture By Maclaren for sale at around 50% off at Gilt, but the question is, which of Farzad Rastegar's Maclaren shell companies is behind it? And will these Louis cribs and changers and Cub cribs and conversion kits generate enough money to pay off Maclaren's creditors? And will these proceeds be flagged for the 9.5-fingered toddlers, the gaggle of Rastegar sock puppets, or David Netto himself?

Who knows, but $375 for a Cub crib is a pretty good deal. And they'll deliver it next week, too, which might save your procrastinating butt.

You probably need to join Gilt to see the Netto Furniture By Maclaren items for sale. [gilt via dt reader jed]


I hope the bankruptcy trustee reads your blog.

I hope the 50% off will hold till i get my paycheck. Won't be long now. Just until Thursday.

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