April 30, 2012

Front Airbag Igniting, Very Very Frightening

Like you, I'm sure, my first reaction to seeing this dad leading his kids in a rousing rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the way to school in the morning was, "Screw the Disney-era Muppets, who needs'em?"

And your second was probably, whoa, dude breaking the law to put his kid in the front seat just so he can finally, on the 6th try, become a YouTube star? [Uploaded viral candidate #5: White guy doing a rap medley for the Cobb County version of American Idol.]

But don't worry, the regulations in Georgia state that it's alright for an 8yo to sit in the front seat if the rear spaces are full. Also, there's probably an airbag deactivator.

Bohemina Rhapsody on the way to school [southlandification's youtube via reddit]


Who was it who used to do "The Lame List?" Some Seattle-based SCTV-types, I forget. but anyway, Lame.

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