April 26, 2012

Area Man Says That Gender Reveal Cake Is A Freakin' Uterus, Dude

Look, I'm outnumbered 20:1 by the Duggars alone, so I know DT's not gonna put a stop to the reality TV-style, socio-emotional construct of the gender reveal party, at least overnight.

But if just one more expectant parent thinks of biting into the uterus when they see a gender reveal cakepop, I'll consider it a victory. From the NY Times Style Section feature [which, it should be noted, arrived almost exactly on schedule]:

But Greg Allen, 44, a filmmaker in New York who also writes a blog for new fathers called daddytypes.com, said he found the trend baffling.

"Creating drama around your baby's gender seems so staged and fake," said Mr. Allen, who found out the sexes of both his children the comparatively old-fashioned way: with his wife in a sonogram examination room. "The whole connection of cutting into the cake to find out, like it's a stand-in for the uterus, is sort of sickening."

Now that we get that image out there, it's time to focus on anatomically correct gender reveal cakes, and awkward stories about reveal parties who got it wrong, or for gender indeterminate kids.

At Parties, Revealing A Baby's Gender [nyt]
two weeks is apparently long enough for the Style section article to propagate [newyorker.com]

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