April 20, 2012

Creative Playthings Tractor Is Not All In Your Head


So I see this Creative Playthings tractor listed, and at first I'm like, "Wow, Frank Caplan, way to pare down the toy design to the bare essence, thereby stimulating the child's imagination, rather than just his senses, all the while creating an unusually spare, minimalist, even sculptural object, but really? $100 opening bid?"


And then I saw the hand-drawn script on the cast aluminum steering wheel,


And I'm like, "Oh, well then. Why not $200 opening bid, and just make sure to pack it carefully, please, and put it, ATTN: MAN CAVE."

RARE VINTAGE "CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS" DRIVER TRAINING TOY COPYRIGHT 1956, first bid, $100+35 s/h, auction ends Apr. 29 [ebay]
Previously: Molded Ply Mayhem! Creative Playthings Ride-on Tractor
UPDATE: $152.50+shipping.

Knockoff Knotes: "Base is 22" long X 9" wide X 11" high and steering wheel is 14 1/4" in diameter. Unit is 29" long overall."

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Worst. Toy. Ever. I'd rather give my kid a ball of yarn and a stick.

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