April 11, 2012

Caine's Arcade, Directed By Nirvan Mullick

You know, I spent yesterday wondering about the mechanics of flashmobs, and how maybe a little less reality-TV-stagier might be better, like when Improv Anywhere showed up and freaked that one band out by singing along to all their songs.

And then I thought about how annoying I find pizza arcade joints, and yet what does it mean that the kid recreates a freakin' Shakey's Pizza out of cardboard, right down to the tickets spitting out of it the machines.

But today, I'm like, you know what, just enjoy it. Just freakin' enjoy it. The movie's great. The project's great. The kid's obviously awesome, and the dad seems pretty solid, too, and now he's got $25,000 $67,000 $96,000 to go to college with, and it's just a good thing. [UPDATE: Yes, Caine pulled in almost $30K today. What'd you do?]

And it'll be a week before he's on Ellen, and so it'll be at least another week, maybe even two, before financially strapped families start copycatting, and setting their kids to build their own cardboard arcades in their own declining retail neighborhoods around the country in increasingly desperate and decreasingly successful attempts to generate some publicity & cash.

So yeah, this really is the right window in which to watch and enjoy Caine's Arcade. Hurry.

Caine's Arcade, directed by Nirvan [vimeo]
CainesArcade.com, info about the film, operating hours, donations, no t-shirt yet [cainesarcade.com]


I love this kid! so creative

One of the most joyful films I have ever watched. The best line was "...you know, when I was little I liked matchbox cars". I watched it with my wife and seven year old and he was beaming and when it was over said "that was great dad and I can do that?" Heck Yeah!!

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