April 10, 2012

Plushie Purple Panda Pittsburgh Preschool Pandemonium

See, this is what happens when PBS takes Mister Rogers off the air. How is a preschooler these days supposed to know what the hell a giant, mute droning, alien Purple Panda even is?

And no offense, David Newell, who has served generations of children with high honor, but Mr. McFeely's only a bamboo leafwidth more recognizable than that random plushie intern you're dragging around with you.

On a slightly different note, I guess what happens with the viral videos now is that everyone starts ripping and reposting their own version immediately, in hopes of standing in front of the right firehose of traffic?

The version of the video that BoingBoing posted was a rerip by BeijingCream.com, a China-focused blog, and it already has 10x the traffic of the original [sic?], which was posted by 96.1 KISS FM [really?] whcih Deadspin linked to yesterday.

96.1 KISS is a Pittsburgh station, and Newell's appearance was at The Village preschool at Center In The Woods, and was organized by folks from California University of Pennsylvania.

But I can't help thinking the morning shockjocks also ganked this video from its original owner. Who probably won't see a nickel for it. That is some serious adjacking bullshit, and YouTube knows it.

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