March 22, 2012

Daddy's Girls

At dinner tonight, I asked the kids what kind of seaweed they wanted, and they were like, "All of them!"

Which I figure almost makes up for my taking them to Popeye's last night.


How do you get them to eat seaweed? We have made some of the best sushi, even the cooked variety, and they can't get past the taste.

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Also, Popeye's is pretty damn good for fast food fried chicken and the sides kick Colonel Sanders' droopy a&&.

When my daughter was teething her molars from hell, in my desperate race for a solution I had read somewhere that giving a teething toddler a piece of fried chicken to gnaw on was the magical solution. I quickly inventoried in my head the fast food chix places in my town and decided that if I had to introduce her to fried chicken, it would be Popeye's. She did not get her first Popeye's that way but occasionally we have indulged because fried chicken just makes you feel better, no?

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