March 15, 2012

Um, No: Avant-Garde Preschool With Dan Colen


Honestly, I feel like Schrodinger's Cat right now, simultaneously alive and dead. An "Avant-Garde Preschool" artmaking activity for 5-12yo kids at Partners & Spade to benefit RxArt? Sure, why not? Sounds awesome.

"Creating abstract works with flowers and M&Ms" with Dan Colen?? Good grief, just shoot me now, and my kids, too. I'd rather spend eternity painting happy trees with Bob Ross.

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Sorry you dont approve of our idea for raising money for such a good cause - can't wait to see your ideas - I'm sure you have a ton of good ones!

Oh man, are you serious, Partner of Spade? That's your take? My idea would be to do the little art class--every week, so you raise more than a couple hundred bucks--with basically any other artist in town besides Dan Colen. You want some names? Should I introduce you?

As for me, I just gave RxArt $40 to not get my kid anywhere near a Dan Colen event.

Whoa.... Somebody hit a nerve. I think DC is a perfect choice, but then again I am without child. I will be attending with my niece Dali, and really looking forward to it! (Yes, that is her real name....) -MB

You know, maybe I'm completely wrong here, and DC IS the perfect choice for them. I'm very sorry, and I will celebrate their fundraising Dan Colen skateboard decks in due time.

I didn't meant imply that DC was the perfect choice for P&S, I meant that he was/is the perfect choice for boys and girls 5-12 years old that want too learn about "art". Gum, green grass, bird poop and skate board ramps? Sounds like heaven for every 5-12 old I know, but then again I am a City Slicker with fancy art friends who don't get it. Or do we.....? Before long your kid/s will have an experience with a skateboard or two, maybe some pigeon shit, and certainly some gum on their shoes when they come to the Big City to look at some art with Daddy....

We are happy to accept your generous contribution of $40. We will anxiously await your donation.

PS--I think any child or adult who was at the event can tell you it was a blast.

Thanks for the report, the new artist coloring books arrived safely last week, thanks for shipping them. I'm happy to be passive aggressived into a straight up contribution, too. For such a worthy organization where I have friends on the board. Though forty dollars really is not that much.

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