March 15, 2012

Antwerp Central Youth Hostel Bunk Beds By Vincent Van Duysen


You might think that, whether it's the kids or the dads, the Daddy Types demographic would be as far away from the subject of youth hostels as it's possible to get. I thought that, too, and no amount of architectural praise could convince me to go back to sharing a bathroom with a bunch of X-dropping Swedes, even for EUR50/night and all the free wi-fi in Belgium.


That said, the custom bunk beds in fashionista minimalist Vincent van Duysen's Antwerp Central Youth Hostel are the best institutional bunk bed solution I've seen since those cantilevered, unibody prison deals. Very nice.


The Most Beautiful Hostel in the World [designobserver]
Vincent van Duysen interviewed by his longtime friend Raf Simons [interviewmagazine]
images by, via some hostel directory
Previously, and still awesomer: maybe call it the Time Out Bunk Bed

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