March 13, 2012

RIP Blossom Dearie

Just a couple of minutes ago, I learned that jazz/cabaret singer Blossom Dearie passed away three years ago last week month--holy smokes, I can't believe it's March already. Also 2012-- at the age of 84. Not being much of a jazz clubgoer, I knew Dearie's childlike voice best from her appearances on Schoolhouse Rock.

Here's a Dearie classic, a nice takedown called, "I'm Hip."

Blossom Dearie, Cult Chanteuse, Dies [THREE FREAKIN' YEARS AGO] at 84 [nyt]

update: Alright, it only seemed like last week? Actually, I was completely wrong. And what I was half-hearing on the radio while I was blogging and working late at night, turned out to be a segment for Women's History Month. As Taylor politely points out in the comments, Dearie actually passed away on Feb. 7, 2009. Daddy Types regrets the error, mostly because it makes me look dumb.


I love Mrs. Dearie, but unless she came back from the dead and then died again, she passed away in 2009.

Here's an amazing track:

Well, all I know is, I'm lucky she's dead, because she'd probably mock me pretty mercilessly for screwing that up. Thanks for going easy on me.

Thanks for posting about Blossom Dearie. She was an amazing voice.

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