March 11, 2012

TMBG Papercraft Monster Hearse & Boom Box

TMBG's track from their new "Join Us" album, "When Will You Die?" is as catchy as any of their kids' tunes, but unless you want to have it sung at you during a temper tantrum, it's probably best to keep it out of earshot of actual kids, at least those who can talk.


But don't let that stop you from making your very own life-size--or tabletop-size, if you're chicken--papercraft monster hearse and boom box. You can download a PDF with the templates and simple instructions for free, right from the TMBG site.


Of course, what'd be really awesome is using that template to print, laminate, or silk screen the boom box onto the front of a cabinet. The "life-size" version's too crazy big, but scaled down, proportions are pretty close to a classic Knoll or Steelcase credenza. You could just do two doors or sliding panels, or trick it out by matching the drawers and doors to the boom box's graphic elements.


You could knock the whole thing together out of black laminate ply, or even MDF, or you could just hack it together by adapting the graphic to the front of an existing cabinet. The last step: Send an apologetic e-mail to Paul Sahre. Oh, and send pix.

When Will You Die? Music video/monster hearse how-to [youtube via @jakedobkin]
Download the Official TMBG Paper Monster Truck Hearse! FREE! []
Join Us album design []

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