March 7, 2012

Molded Ply Mayhem! Creative Playthings Ride-on Tractor


I'll be brief: this 1960s-era ride-on tractor from Creative Playthings is awesome, and you should buy it. If you live in or around Eastern Pennsylvania, because apparently, it is too heavy or unwieldy to ship.

And then everyone else should make one. Because, hello, this is molded ply at its awesomest. At one time, an American toy company was making solid wood ride-on toys like this out of basically lumber and wheelbarrow tools. And why don't you? 24" long and 12" high, more detail pics after the jump.

RARE CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS WOODEN RIDE ON TRACTOR PICK UP IN EASTERN PA DELIVERY, current bid: $29.95, $72.45, auction ends Mar. 13 [ebay]





Since this combines 1) your love of Creative Playthings with 2) your love of automobiles, and 3) DC is not that far from eastern PA, doesn't this tractor call for a DT bidding war and road trip?

It would certainly fit in the back of the xB.

How does one mold plywood anyway?

If I were seriously bidding, I wouldn't have posted about it beforehand.

As for bending plywood, I think the two ways are gluing up a couple of thinner, flexible layers; or steaming it, bending it, and clamping it.

How can you not mention the seller has also listed a 16" long "antique" braid of human hair?


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