March 6, 2012

Huffington Post Reports On Maclaren Bankruptcy Bafflement


I would have gone with, "Maclaren Bankruptcy Leaves Finger Amputation Lawsuits Hanging," but otherwise, Alice Hines' report in the Huffington Post today is pretty solid--and very well-illustrated.

Hines interviewed one of the moms of a kid whose finger got munched, and whose lawyer, she reports, is contesting any attempt by the bankruptcy court to put their lawsuit on hold.

And Hines also talked to a bankruptcy attorney who mentioned the f-word--fraud--in his discussion of a company shifting assets from one entity to another to avoid creditors.

And through it all, Maclaren, their spokespeople, and their attorneys are still refusing to respond to any inquiries about the bankruptcy beyond the misleading statement they released to BabyGizmo and BabyChic101.

Maclaren Bankruptcy Puts Amputated Finger Lawsuits in Limbo [huffingtonpost]


Nice work sticking with this story through all these bankruptcy shenanigans, glad to see it's gaining some traction. I'd guess Mr. Rastegar is not your biggest fan right now...

no twitter party footmuff giveaways for Daddy Types ;(

Excellent work Greg. Poor form Mac, glad I've moved on from owning one & won't again.

Is Huff Po hiring for its headline writing department?

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