March 5, 2012

Modular Ply Playhouse Cubes By Play-Modern


Well, these are cool. Play Modern is a modular ply cube playhouse system designed by Kansas City architect Kimball Hales and, uh, Mrs. Hales. Ah, here we go: Laura. BYU alums, in case the names didn't give it away already. [Surprisingly, no crafty Mormon mommyblog, though.]

The cubes comes in indoor birch or outdoor marine ply versions, and can be configured in a variety of ways, with various little accessories like aluminum railings to keep kids from falling off the second stories and whatnot.


Rather alarmingly amazingly, they are locked together by friction, no hardware needed but a mallet. Which, sure, if you say so. Thank you, miracle of CNC table routers!

I think we're looking at a base of around $850/cube, plus add-ons.

Play Modern Cuba playhouses [ via design-milk, thanks dt reader rolf]


i love the mod playhouses, but have you found any children's teepees other than dexton's great plains teepee?

Not a word on the 300SL?

Saw these on Fab today, $680 for the basic one.

Our home in the crazy Vancouver real estate market has every last corner assigned a duty. Especially while pregnant, I dreamt often that we actually had another bedroom/storage room/closet/500 sqft that we just hadn't already stuffed full. If one of those playhouses could squeeze in, it might magically give me the equivalent of at least a little more floor space.

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