March 3, 2012

Transformer-Style: Changing Table In Disguise

I lose track of the awesome tiny space design blog Shoebox Dwelling for a couple of months, and it fills up with interesting kid-related posts.

Like this "Swiss Army-style" studio apartment in Gramercy, which has a murphy bed and an incredible storage wall that then-dad-to-be Rob Monahan designed and built in his spare time. He had to do "as much cutting as possible outside of the apartment," he says, because he had to get the dust cleaned up before his wife got home each day.

My favorite--besides the hidden walk-in closet turned into a secret office perfect for pretending to type on a laptop, of course--is the fold-down changing table [below].


Though Shoebox Dwelling only just posted the video last week, it was uploaded in early 2011. Which means we are due for an update, to see how alll those low-hanging pots and pans and kitchen shelves are holding up against an increasingly mobile kid.

Swiss Army-style apartment [shoeboxdwelling]

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