February 27, 2012

Whoa. David Netto Tweet-Resigns From Maclaren

Guess that answers the question of which side of the bankruptcy table David Netto is sitting as he tries to recover the $1.1 million Maclaren owes him.

RESIGNATION UPDATE: OK, I'm hearing word of other sudden resignations at Maclaren, this time by folks who are not owed seven figures by the company.

If you have resigned from Maclaren recently, or are planning to, or know someone who is, why not head over to the library and fire off an email to me, hmm? Source confidentiality will be protected.

Rest assured, all is well on their end.


Wait, McLaren Nursery? Which shell company is that, then?

[McLaren Nursery is presumably a subsidiary and/or licensee of the racing team. Maclaren Nursery is, who knows, their trademarks are also owned by the Barbudan front. -ed.]

Yes. That is unless his his resignation is to allow him to focus more of his time on his role as Creative Director of MacLaren Nursery Holdings LLC.

They are all a bunch of crooks. Slimy at best.

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