February 24, 2012

The Children's Literary Group

Wow, This glimpse at ur-Yuppie parenting is only one of the many gems in Maria Bustillos' piece on 1970s child publishing prodigy Alexandra Sheedy

In June of 1977, when Sheedy was fifteen, a piece on "A Young Writers Salon" appeared in the Times describing The Children's Literary Group, a gang of about two dozen would-be authors ranging in age from 10 to 17. This "salon" was held "at Charlotte Sheedy's place on West 86th Street in Manhattan."
They are the sons and daughters of book publishers, writers, editors, poets, lawyers, publicists, artists, teachers and psychiatrists, but above all, adults who love words.

"It might sound a little braggish," says Daniel Pinchbeck, a dumpling-shaped 10-year-old with a broken front tooth [...] "But most of the kids' mothers are in publishing and we've been subjected to more literature and stuff--more knowledge of books."

So awesome. Though who'd be cruel enough to call a kid "dumpling-shaped" in his first Times appearance?

The Poetry of Ally Sheedy [the awl]

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Pinchbeck is worth Googling.

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