February 24, 2012

DT Friday Freakout

Here are some headlines from the worlds of science, safety, politics and parenting, all balled up into one big freakout to ruin your weekend:

  • A shorter Babble: "Helicopter Parenting: Am I the reason why my son's so difficult?" Yes. [babble via publicist/intern]

  • Same thing without the faux question: Parents who freakout have kids who freakout. [eurekalert]

  • Nice. Vacctivists turned the Superbowl into a measles vector. [wapo via jjdaddy-o]

  • "Comment from Maclaren USA, Inc. 10/19/2011

  • American Baby Products, Inc. (formerly Maclaren USA, Inc.) wants to assure consumers that there is no inherent safety issue with the product. Maclaren takes product safety issues very seriously." [the company's most recent [last?] response on the CPSC's customer incident report database [saferproducts.gov]

  • I guess at this point I don't know what blows my mind more: that the leadership of one of the top baby companies--and one of the best product lines--in history would be risking their brand with a lawsuit-dodging bankruptcy. Or that some people fold their umbrella strollers with the kid still inside. I mean, it's not like leaving your drink on top of the car here.

  • Transvaginal ultrasound.

  • One of the few studies to actually look at the quantity and timing of alcohol consumption by pregnant women has found a link between frequent binge drinking at 7-12 weeks and the appearance of up to four fetal alcohol syndrome characteristics. [eurekalert]

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