February 22, 2012

Sorry, But It Is NOT All About The Fresh Beat Band

Look, my kid likes Fresh Beat Band, too, but I'm under no illusions that dropping three bills on VIP concert tickets and t-shirts has anything at all to do with her. It would all be about me, every last minute and dollar of it:

For now, though, it's all about Fresh Beat Band. "It's a lot of money, but I knew it would be an experience that my little one would never forget," Sabrina Hughes Lochner, who spent $240 to take her daughter, Lauren, to a show on Friday in Cupertino, Calif., wrote on her blog.
Also, yes, that kid will forget. And any memory that is kept alive will be a memory of the photograph and the story you never stop telling. Otherwise, poof, it'll disappear as fast as the first Marina.

Speaking of which, what DID happen with Marina? It's the most outrageous case of Darren Stephens Syndrome since the Yellow Wiggle. And the chick from Sprout. And Joe from Blue's Clues.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: As Marjorie points out in the comments, Joe was NOT a Darren. Daddy Types sincerely regrets the error.

Anyway, here is Marina 1.0, Shayna Rose in 2007 showing a bit of range on Days Of Our Lives. I was confused for a while, but she turns out to be the second chick in the scene, not the first.

Nickelodeon's Fresh Beat Band captivates pre-school fan base [sic] [nyt]
Fresh Beat Band Concert Review [sjworkingmom]
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Joe from Blues Clues is not a Darren! Steve went to college and Joe came to live with Blue, jeez, what's so hard. No Darren.

Of course, Joe was no Steve. In terms of gentle, indie mom appealing hotness, anyway. I have no opinion on any Fresh Beatnik, since my kids have thankfully aged out of the demo and from the snippets I have seen on Nick this show is AGONIZING no matter who is in it. (Also I was all, why are they singing about Local Eggs?)

Thank you for clearing up this egregious error. I am terribly sorry.

When my daughter was around 2-2.5 we spent good money for her to see the Wiggles and The Doodlebops in concert.

Now that she's nearly 7, she doesn't remember any of it. In fact, she now claims she's never heard of The Wiggles or Doodlebops...

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