February 20, 2012

Lisa Larson Boardbooks And Kids Stuff


So I gather that Lisa Larson is the ceramic Kay Bojesen of Sweden? Or maybe the Marilyn Neuhart. Either way, her decades of crunchy, crafty modernist designs have a Japanese following strong enough to support new spin-off merchandise. Like these very nice-looking but very basic boardbooks. Baby Numbers Book and Baby Colours Book were published in 2011 by the Daikanyama cult camera and audio specialty shop Power Shovel. It all makes perfect sense, really. It's a personal passion.


Anyway, Larson's designs are iconic enough at home to be the fundraising swag of choice for UNICEF Svierge. The lion and giraffe images from these kid-sized t-shirts and bodysuits are straight from the numbers book.

Lisa Larson portfolio site [lisalarsonsweden.com]
Power Shovel [powershovel.co.jp]
Try buying Lisa Larson and Johanna Larson's BABY NUMBER BOOK and BABY COLOUR BOOK from Amazon JP for Y945 each [amazon.co.jp]
Or, wow, Lisa Larson t-shirt and babybody, SEK169-189, plus shipping I guess [unicef.se]

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Thanks! So glad you like the stuff. I have added a link to you on our facebook page.

Check out this year’s additions in the 2012 Christmas catalogue for Unicef:

We are also working on a new picture book that will be out soon.

Best wishes
Johanna Larson

[ed note: awesome, also links reformatted.]

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