February 16, 2012

Kid Ply Awesomeness By Gidon Bing


What's a sculptor with a talent for magemono, the Japanese art of wood bending supposed to do when he has a kid, and discovers nearly the entire baby gear industry is aligned against him, determined to drive him nuts with its lack of molded ply?


If you're Gidon Bing, you crank all that stuff out yourself. It's not just the sepia talking; the New Zealand-based sculptor really did make his kids an awesome array of bent plywood kids' furniture big and small, including a co-sleeper [top], a playmat/gym [above], a walker, and my favorite, this hanging chair swing thing.


Which I assume the kid eventually grew into.

Gidon Bing studio visit at The Selby [theselby.com, all images via Gidon Bing, thanks!]

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