February 15, 2012

Antonio Vitali Single Mom Play Set


In her research on Creative Playthings' forward-thinking approach to toy design, Dr. Amy Ogata noted that "[Antonio] Vitali's designs put the visual and intellectual emphasis on the form and the natural grain of the wood, reinforcing the company's ideal of freeing the child's imagination through abstraction."

Such open-ended design means a kid could pretend this Vitali playset was a mother and her son left to tend the farm while the dad's off fightin' the Indians OR that they go to the petting zoo on his mom's weekend. Really, the possibilities were endless.

Vintage Antonio Vitali 'Playforms' Toys • Creative Playthings 1954 • Sculpture, first bid $9.99+11.35 s/h, auction ends Feb. 21st [ebay]

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