February 8, 2012

Bricked Out Lego Loft

lego_loft_i-beam_nymag.jpgFinally, some more data on building with Lego.

A while ago, we had a new radiator cover made for the kid's room, and I had a mind to cover it in Lego bricks, like Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti's insanely awesome Lego-clad kitchen island in Paris. I ran some numbers, hunted for some bricks in bulk, which turned out to be harder than I thought, and then grew accustomed to the cover we'd already ordered.

But anyway, artist Melissa Marks worked with Susan Wines of I-Beam Design and Lego-certified builder [?!] Sean Kenney to make a bricked out staircase and sleeping loft for Marks's son in their midtown loft.

The NY Magazine feature on the loft looks pretty nice, and provides some numbers: 20,000 bricks, with Kenney and two assistants working for two weeks [i.e., 10 working days, right?] to build out what you see in the picture above. Which looks like, say, 18-20 linear feet x 4 feet high? 80 square feet, to be safe? In 240 man hours, maybe not including design time?

But the Parisian fellows spent just a week installing 20,000 blocks on their Ikea island themselves. Let's say they spent 100 man hours [2x50]. Granted, the New York bricks look much thicker. But Paris also covered more surface, maybe 100 sf or so.

So installing one square foot of architectural Lego will take 200-250 blocks and 1-3 man hours. If you have any additional data or technique tips, by all means.

The 20,000 Brick Apartment [nymag]
Previously: Yes, please! Thanks! Lego Kitchen by Simon Pillard and PHilippe Rosetti

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Also they then used a cheap plastic Kartel lamp which will look ugly with dust in about four weeks. Suckers.

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