January 31, 2012

Heath Ceramics For Kids


Oh man, not only are these kid dishes from the pioneering crafty hipsters at Heath Ceramics gorgeous, they are also gorgeous. Let's just savor the gorgeousness for a second.


They're available in fruit [top] and veggie [above] colors, and they sit well with the grown-up Heath Ceramics tableware, without matching exactly. They're about as expensive as the regular stuff, too, which, why wouldn't they be?


But what I was going to say up top is that Heath has thrown so much cutebait out with these dishes, there's gonna be a hipsterparentblogging frenzy. Because there's also a Heath coloring book, a Heath puzzle, a little, wooden toy Heath delivery truck... Basically, no grandparent with a kitchen remodeling project is going to make it out of Sausalito untapped.

Heath Ceramics kids tableware, $75-135, probably in the retail locations, because it's not online yet Oh, yes it is. [heathceramics via publicist]

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