January 23, 2012

Negativland X Chumbawamba = The ABC's Of Anarchism


In 1999, ahead-of-the-curve appropriationist musicians Negativland did a colabo with their one-hit wonderin' mates, Chumbawamba, remixing THAT SONG with audio of Alexander Berkman's 1932 manifesto The ABC's of Anarchism, the Sex Pistols, and the Teletubbies.


Unfortunately for the band, the EP didn't come out until everyone was totally sick of THAT SONG. Which is too bad, says previously mild-mannered-seeming artist and veteran political hairblogger Peter Huestis, who designed the awesome album art several job changes ago, because it is, "one of Negativland's most entertaining and 'listenable' releases." And I heartily agree.

It's a sign of how kid-clueless I was at the time, and how hard I've apparently worked to block THAT SONG from my brain that until this moment, I had no idea what the original Chumbawamba album cover looked like, either.


Wow, the guy who designed it, Michael Calleia, also did the logo for Stinky & Minky, a wacky, little SoHo [north of Houston, but whatever] store which was one of the first/only places to find vintage kids clothing. You really do never know.

Digital Graveyard: How to design a CD cover for Negativland, 1998-99, Part One; Part Two [sparklepony]
Buy The ABC's of Anarchism for very little money via amazon [amazon]

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