January 19, 2012

And The Only One With AWD Was The 959


So I just got back from chaperoning the kid's 2nd grade field trip to the National Gallery. Where I spent most of the bus ride explaining to her car-obsessed classmate that real Porsches only have two doors.

Seriously, the Cayenne is worse than Jar Jar Binks and the Clone Wars combined.


Strong work. Tough job but someone has to do it.

And the number of Panameras parked on the street in Manhattan is blowing my mind. There must be something about not wanting to hide your Porsche in a garage. Anyway, with all the Cayennes and Panameras flying off dealer lots your job is getting harder and harder.

So, yes, I am inclined to agree with you, obviously.

But the purity of my belief is sullied by two things:
1) If you want a four door vehicle that can accept two kid seats + some cargo and (wait for it) you want a MANUAL TRANSMISSION, the V6 Cayenne is one of the only games in town, and
2) Someone took me for a ride in a Panamera Turbo on a track and sweetmotherofgravy it was like a roller coaster on crack turned up to 11. In fact, it was just like riding in the 911 Turbo on the same track, except there were four of us in the car. I can't really afford a new Panamera and I don't really want one because you can't get a stick, but that's a car that really makes a case for itself, performance-wise.

Yeah, I have a feeling the kid could see right through my brittle purism to the dark, guilty center where I do kinda want a Panamera.

But there's no way I was gonna start working through all that ambivalence on a bus full of 2nd graders.

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