January 18, 2012

MakerBot 3-D Printed Playsets

Finally, not only does my blogging procrastination pay off, I get to call it a protest against censorship!

Yesterday, the 3-D printing gurus at MakerBot unveiled the first MakerBot Playsets, a print-at-home, 1:18-scale dollhouse castle full of princesses, Utah Teapots, and curvy furniture and whatnot. Which is fine.

But today, they launched the MakerBot Playset Rocket. Which is awesome, even without the LED ground effects. Of course, there is a model for a Captain Kirk's Chair. Why do you even need to ask?

Introducing the MakerBot Playsets & the MakerBot Fairytale Castle [makerbot via boingboing]
MakerBot Rocket Playset [thingiverse]

1 Comment

I've already got those models on my list to print. But I now want to order more colors to print the stuff in so it's isn't all in one boring color.

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