January 16, 2012

Specific Kids' Objects


Last Summer, David Zwirner Gallery screened a couple of documentaries about Donald Judd, including The Artist's Studio, a 2010 remix of vintage 1970s footage by Michael Blackwood.

Blackwood had filmed Judd and his family both in Marfa [in 1975] and in his Spring Street studio [above, in 1972], for American Art in the Sixties.

Which helps put a date on those kids' toys and art filling the background.


The toy truck in the corner and the Radio Flyer trike are obvious; what I wonder about is that kid-sized body painted on what looks to be a sheet of plywood. Didn't Judd give up painting in the 60s?

And what in tarnation is that orange rocking thing? Where'd that come from? And most importantly, where is it now?

The Artist's Studio (1972/2010), dir. Michael Blackwood [michaelblackwoodproductions via the colour store]
Previously: Donald Judd photocollage/dollhouse schematic
Kids and Minimalism: At home with the Judds


The orange thing looks more like a spinning merry-go-round to me.

I don't know why I didn't notice it earlier, but it looks like a multi-kid Bilibo.

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