January 12, 2012

Rosie The Hungarian Momblogger's Chair-Based Play Kitchen


Why not make a play kitchen out of a chair?

Take a wooden chair, paint or stained to your liking, the leg holes of shelf brackets, it is plywood or sheet set a residual shelf "console". One of the "Panel" jigsaw saw to cut the size of circle to fit in a bowl, which can be ceramic, plastic or metal. Fix the "counter" on the shelf for long, then the bowl szilózd to stay in place.

Clashing use an old walking stick, which screws secure the tree...dekorgumiból cut off the gas cards, baking and has a painted cloth. The "oven" and a shelf behind the basket can be stored in a dazed babaeledel.

That's it!

a weekend (paint included) to be created, even without the help of man.

Umm, ok!

Toy Kitchen 'Girl Power' Mode [akicsihaz via unconsumption]

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