January 11, 2012

Cuppow: Mason Jar Sippy Cup


Bwahaha, a simple, BPA-free way to turn a canning jar into a sippy cup!

I can't tell if this is real, or the flatout-awesomest Portlandia parody product campaign ever. Someone please spend the $7.99+shipping to find out, then let me know. Or better yet, don't. Let me keep living the dream.

UPDATE: for Nelson in the comments, a hand-stitched leather Mason jar cage for your bicycle, $59 to order from the fine craftspeople at WalnutStudiolo.


Cuppow - "our solution for easier drinking from a canning jar." [cuppow via reference library]
bicycle mason jar cage from walnutstudiolo, $59 [etsy]


Perfect for Baby's morning moonshine eye-opener.

Wow! Until I watched the video I was in the dark about how epic sippy cups truly are! Now, as a companion product, I need a cup holder sized for mason jars to go on my fixie's handlebars.

But will the TSA confiscate it if you try to use it to transport cupcakes?

Oh snap! I can't believe I missed that! Particularly since I was looking at Walnut's handlebar wrap not so long ago for my whip.

I am going to buy the leather blue print roll and send it Roman & Williams, toot sweet.

Shipping? Bah! I will walk to Union Square for brunch tomorrow and find someone to ask. Just for you, man.

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