December 31, 2011

The Dudela Abides

Oh wait, no, maybe this parody posting for a "dudela" on UrbanBaby should be the craziest, last post of the year:

A DUDELA? IS THAT LIKE A DOULA? Yes, think of a dudela as being a doula for the mother's partner. Let's face it, our plugged-in modern culture is always making us feel like we should be updating something or checking in somewhere. As a new father myself, I know how tempting it can be to check the Knicks score or respond to comments on Facebook. Let me worry about that kind of thing, and keep you updated on developments in an unobtrusive way. I am there to let you be with your partner so that you can enjoy every second of your child's birth.
He'll email your announcements, update your Facebook page, manage your kid's whole social media strategy for those crucial few hours, in fact, keep your mobile devices charged, and manage your fantasy sports teams. A DUDELA? IS THAT LIKE A DOULA? [urbanbaby via, embarrassingly, dailymail]

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