December 23, 2011

Antonio Vitali Rocking Snail Too Slow For Christmas


Assuming you didn't already blow your Christmas wad on the ersatz nativity set last fall, you should now be ready to pounce on this: an early hand-carved rocking snail from Antonio Vitali's Swiss toys days.

The shaped details are pretty great; the finish, especially that green paint, is pretty sweet; and the amateurish vintage repairs are correct for the history of a toy. The replaced runner is unfortunate, but if you're a real stickler, you can keep waiting until a complete original example turns up. Which--it's a snail--could take a while.

Antonio Vitali Rocking Snail Riding Toy Vintage Creative Playthings Designer, no reserve, opening bid $2,495, but free shipping, auction ends Jan. 1 [ebay]

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