December 14, 2011

Have The Crawligator Market Found A Floor?


You'd think that if the Crawligator that showed up on eBay last week had 17 bids and sold for $202, the one on eBay right now might at least have a single $49 bid.


But then, the previous Crawligator was in its box, so it may have been more interesting to collectors, while the next one is free range.

Or maybe, wow, they shouldn't have shown the underside. Which, I confess, in all my years of Crawligator hunting, I've never seen. I always assumed it was rounded underneath, too. I tell ya, if I ever start 3-D printing them, they will be.

Vintage CRAWLIGATOR by Creative Playthings baby kids INFANT CRAWL TEACHER Toy, first bid $49+8.95 s/h, auction ends Dec. 18 [ebay]

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