December 9, 2011

Oh My Heckflosse! 1968 Mercedes 200D Wagon

Oh, no, this is it, I can feel it! It's the Big One!


It was just yesterday, when I was taking our 1985 Mercedes coupe to the shop again for some minor-but-expensive repair, that I was contemplating its fate: should I pour real money into it and give it the restoration it deserves, or is it the parts car? Should I even be thinking of this before I retire and get a workshop out back so old cars can get tinkered on on my own time, instead of at the Mercedes guy's $80/hr?


And then I spot this on eBay: a W110 200D Universal wagon, the apparently one of just two 200D wagons converted in 1968, the last year of the bestlooking Kleine Heckflosse/Fintail model, by the Belgian coachbuilder IMA. [Granted, that's a lot of subsets to work through before you get to the eBay seller's much-repeated "One of One!" claims, but still.]


And it has a split seat. And a third row. And barely 100,000 documented miles, by two apparently genteel Connecticut owners who have stored it in a neat garage. Not just neat, styled. Just look at those sleds.

Anyway, this one could really use a good restoration, or at least the addition of some rear seat belts. Please, someone, two someones, bid this thing through the roof so I don't have to contemplate buying it.

UPDATE: Problem solved! I just read through the discussion on Bring A Trailer from when this was previously listed, in October. Between the aftermarket Ziebart and the uber-slowness, I am able to pass. Thanks, Randy.

1968 MERCEDES-BENZ FINTAIL" UNIVERSAL" ESTATE WAGON "ONE OF ONE KNOWN TO EXSIST [sic], current no-reserve bid $10,600, auction ends Dec.16 [ebaymotors]


I'm only $50,000 ($75K tops!) from driving that down the fairway at Amelia Island....

Hott. If it stays this low I may just trade in my current manwagon for a retro and classy upgrade. We'll see what the wife thinks about the lack of seatbelts.

You don't need seatbelts. This thing probably has 0-60 times measured in minutes.

It is more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.

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