December 8, 2011

A Brief Gingerbread Occupy Roundup

Unfortunately, the Gingerbread Occupy camps I've found so far have all the ramshackle visual blandness of the originals, without the political electricity. In other words, they need some gingerbread geodesic domes!

Two lonely white chocolate Occupy tents at a gingerbread SF city hall, from the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay [image: Kristina Wong via patch]


@leann made an Occupy tent out of what looks like a Cadbury Easter egg wrapper. So, points for authenticity, I guess: [via retinch's instagram]


The graham cracker tents and store-bought cookie people? @kitchadventure's gingerbread Occupy Davis looks like it took about as much effort as pepper spraying a row of seated students. [via twitpic]


At least the graham cracker tents in @erweist's gingerbread General Assembly are frosted tent-color. What's the rest of that stuff, though? Scented candles to go with the "I need a bath" sign? [via erweist's twitpic]


Oh, it's an Occupy North Pole scene.

Sorry, but this gingerbread Occupy North Pole totally beats that one. It's was Tribeca Treats' entry in the gingerbread display at the Parker Meridien in NYC, so it's a local favorite. Despite living under the greatest, most unequal concentration of wealth and factors of production on the planet, the elves' demands are fairly innocuous. [janeebruce's instagram]


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