November 29, 2011

The Star Trek Book Of Opposites Goes Where No Boardbook Has Gone Before


Dammit, Jim!

The Star Trek Book of Opposites basically looks like the platonic ideal of nerd boardbooks. And considering it costs 99.999% less than a prop baby Ewok, it will make the perfect gift.


You can buy with confidence, since it comes from David Borgenicht's Quirk Books. Borgenicht is the guy behind the Worst Case Scenario books; Quirk published Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, the only non-awful book in the mashup genre it launched. They also publish Borgenicht's brother's and dad's classic The Baby Owner's Manual, one of the very few new parent advice books Daddy Types has ever actually recommended. Borgenicht's mother is the powerhouse behind one of the funniest institutions in Utah, Saturday's Voyeur, an affectionately satirical sendup of Mormon cultural hegemony. And he was one of the funniest guys in our 8th grade class. Which reminds me, I should really be more networky.

BTW, I went ahead and mocked this spread up, in case it's not in the book.


Star Trek Book of Opposites [amazon via tor]

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