November 26, 2011

Dorm Find: Gio Ponti Hotel Parco Dei Principi Headboards


Poor Gio Ponti's Hotel Parco dei Principi furniture! It gets no respect!

I mean, in 2007 Martino Gamper hacked it apart and used it for lumber for a performance at Art Basel. And now, somewhere outside Firenze, a couple of bambini go off to college, and so their parents put their Ponti twin-size headboards up for auction.


Some day, centuries from now, Ponti's turquoise Formica-filled palace will be known as one of the great, lost masterpieces of the High Modernist era, and the kids who covered their headboards with Powerpuff Girlz stickers will be like Napoleon's troops, who carved their names into the Temple of Dendur.

Or you could just take a wet rag and soak that shit off. Either way, until the future catches up with it, it's pretty cheap.

Dec. 7, 2011, Lot 20: Gio Ponti Due Pannelli Parco dei Principi, 1964, est. EUR800/1200 []

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