November 22, 2011

Vegas For Breeders: I Could Go On

What happens in "Vegas with kids?" blog comments does not stay in Vegas with kids? blog comments.

This comment, left on a nearly six-year-old thread about which casinos ban strollers, is sort of the platonic ideal of drive-by parentblog commenting. Thanks to Elizabeth for going on:

How about taking the kids some place that is kid friendly? If you ask me it's super inappropriate to bring a child to sin city. There are escort cards all over the ground. A huge advertisement of a naked showgirl at Balley's casino. I could go on. You chose to be a parent so be a parent. Take your spawn to DISNEYLAND! Also drop the breeder entitlement. A casino should not change their adult only policy cause you decided to reproduce.
Our idea of taking the kids to Las Vegas involves distracting them from the giant, erotic Circue du Soleil videos in the baggage claim, and then hitting the In 'n Out drivethrough on Flamingo on our way to southern Utah.

Daddy Types, like us on Facebook, and then tweet us YOUR Vegas travel story! Because comments are reserved for random rants against breeder entitlement.


We have absolutely zero interest in visiting Vegas but I have little doubt that a trip there would be better for the kids than one to Disney.

Breeder entitlement? Hotels and casinos follow the money; it's axiomatic. I doubt that anything more subtle is going on.

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