November 20, 2011

DT Friday Freakout: Selfish Edition

Oh there is so much to freak out over already, I'm not sure ruining one weekend will be enough:

  • Day care in the US runs from awful-to-deadly, those are your only choices. [tnr]
  • Which is too bad, because there's no making up those first two crucial years when the day care people are ignoring your child into a life of predestined mediocrity. [tnr via andrewsullivan]
  • And basically every state is failing special needs kids under three. [edweek via @workingdad]
  • And the smart ones, well, that just means they're more likely to get hopped up on goofballs when they're older. [freakonomics via dt senior goofballs correspondent jj daddy-o]
  • And besides causing all of the above problems, mothers working also causes increased BMI in kids. [ press release]
  • Some guy's family lost their seat assignment on a plane, and now the entire airline industry's turning against families. Canary in the coal mine, people! [wsj/yahoo via dt senior freakout correspondent sara]
  • I love the emphasis of the [original?] title of Sara Newman's Babble piece about only child studies: "Having An Only Child: Does It Make Us Look Selfish?" [babble via andrewsullivan]

1 Comment

So only 8% of daycares are good and 40% are poor. Is this different from our elementary schools? Our high schools? Our homes. Children have also died, been scarred physically or emotionally, or otherwise suffered under the care of parents, etc. So I guess there's even more to freak out about.

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