November 16, 2011

The Fiat 500 Is Actually A Motorized Recaro Car Seat & Seed Pli Stroller Carrying Case.


I like the Fiat 500, I really do. I want to be friendly to our Fiat guests, not chase them off American shores again, and when I think about getting a smaller runabout for town, I really do consider it. But "less room than a 911" is a pretty tight squeeze, especially for a kid. And that's how intrepid carseatspotter Dave Thomas called it on the Recaro car seat wedged into the back of a 500 in LA.

Of course, maybe there's no room for a car seat because the 500 was originally designed to hold a stroller.

I've had screenshots of the Fiat 500 edition of the Seed Pli on my desktop for months now--actually, for most of the time, they've been trapped, unbloggable, on my iPad--ever since kids design guru [and DT advertiser] Ralph Monte sent along the tip.


The Seed is a slim Nordic-style stroller from a Danish startup; it reminds me of a pared down Mutsy with some Bugaboo overtones. But unlike the Bugaboo and Mutsy, the Seed folds down so flat, it can fit into the most ridiculously small storage spaces--like, uh, the Fiat 500. Sometimes you can even see out the back, too.



Of course, packing all this means there's nowhere to put the Seed Pli Onesie and Fiat rainboots.


Seen in LA, a Fiat 500 with a Recaro child seat [davelikescars], not sure what's going on here []


Definitely best-in-class folding. Wondering how well it drives. In the video the wheels looked a little shaky. But that might be something it has in common with the 500. The 500 looks awesome. I hear it drives pretty well. But I've sat in a couple and the interior materials are feel cheep.

I played with a Seed Pli in Germany, while buying my (similarly cantilevered) Mutsy Urban Rider. Sleek and lovely. One thing I did not like about it, though: the handlebar is concave, which felt a bit uncomfortable.

the lower chassis and wheels look very shopping cart like!

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