November 16, 2011

Handmade Kid-Size BMW 507


This is so awesome. A kid-sized BMW 507, custom-made in 1956 for use by the sons of a new 507 owner "on the one mile private drive leading to their estate in Suffolk," it currently runs on petrol, but could probably be easily converted to gas.

Let that steep for a few minutes, like a fragrant tea ball, before you decide to comment on it.

Whoops, missed it: Sept. 21, 2001, Lot 16: BMW 507 Childs petrol powered car, hammer value, £1,800 [ via dt classic car guru dt]
the 1960 pedal plane in the Nov. 30 auction is a poor substitute []


I thought "petrol" was just Brit-speak for "gasoline." Or do you actually mean "gas" (as in natural gas or propane or some such) and not "gasoline"?

I love how that car looks perfect for a portable flare stacks system I have in mind. I can't reckon though if that was really hand made because of the sleek curve. What about its size though, how small does it look like really?

[seriously? portable flares? what kind of loserspam strategy involves putting bullshit links to a propane tank on a BMW go-cart blogpost? -ed.]

The car is a Larc-Douglas Sportster built in the late 50's in Great Neck Long Island NY. It was a great design and sat on a composite deck chassis. I have the original molds and am in the process of making a few for my collection

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