October 19, 2011

It Takes Balls To Be A Babble Twitter Power Mom

Holy crap, people, have you been following this? It's only like the most important thing happening on the Internet right now.

At least 6 of Babble's Top 50 Twitter Moms of 2011 right now are dads.

And as someone retweeted the other day without attribution, "If you want to walk fast walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together."

So go vote and retweet for chances to win some bath toy or whatever!

UPDATE: It's #OccupyBabble! I love the smell of Dadcentricians in the morning! The fellas are now all setting up camp at Babble Park, ready to sleep between tarps and foam alphabet tile playmats, eat peanut-free vegan sandwiches, and livestream this thing into the ground until a dad wins Top Twitter Mom. I made a logo. Please retweet!


Top 50 Twitter Moms Nominate [babble]


Sweet! A bath toy!! oh, wait.. these are probably kids' bath toys, huh?

Remember, Babble's corporate [parent? sibling? friend w/benefits?] is Nerve.com, so you never know what the prizes might be.

I'm sure you also got that blast email from the good folks at Babble back in June, the one that said "writing to let you know that we're doing a big feature on dad blogs to coincide w/ the launch of a Dad section on Babble, date TBD."

(checks watch, continues waiting for Babble's big feature on dad blogs)

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