October 10, 2011

Bamboo Strollers High & Low

While researching the latest developments in bamboo resin concept cars, DT senior minivan correspondent JJ Daddy-O decided it has been way too long since we've had a decent bamboo stroller sighting around here.


Coincidentally, it was way back in 2004, just before huntergatherer posted a set of photos of Willow [of course] pushing her own barebones, sling-seated, Gilligan-style rig on the Bamboo Craft mesageboard. Mhmm.

But JJD had something more elaborate in mind, something like this rather awesome split & bent bamboo superstroller, which flickr user srgfin shot in Pingyao, China in 2009. I think these warrant more in-depth study. Though judging by this study/tourist's slightly exoticist account from a 2002 visit to Tianjin, I wonder if bamboo strollers are already on a modernizing China's eradication list?

Ride in the Bamboo Stroller

Tianjin, 2002: Toddler in a Bamboo Stroller [flickr user ubeit]

Previously: Chinese bamboo strollers, orphanage gear


What great memories that photo brings back. My wife and I lived in Tianjin at that time, and our neighbors had one of those bamboo strollers. I can't remember seeing any other brand of stroller. Even another expat family had one of those bamboo numbers. Great way to have the kids face each other, and you didn't need six friggin' Orbit wheels.

My sister and I ate from a bamboo and split cane highchair, made in Indonesia. My mother sold it a couple years ago and no, she hasn't been forgiven. It was a sweet little number. Totally non-child-friendly (entrapment and finger-crushing hazards everywhere) but....well, I survived it and wish I still had it. It was beautifully stained with great detailing.... I torture myself just describing it's awesomeness.

Its its its. Damn you autocorrect.

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