October 7, 2011

Next Week DT Will Totally Lose Parents Magazine's Best Daddy Blog Competition

You heard it here second, after I posted it the first time more than two months ago, but now it's looking like a sure thing: when voting closes on October 15th, Daddy Types is perfectly poised to lose Parents Magazine's Best Daddy Blog Competition.

And not just to lose it, to lose it in epic form, too, not even finishing on the first page of nominees. If only I could bring myself to beg and retweet 200 of you to give up your privacy to a large media firm by registering for their mailing list or whatever to cast your vote.

Because as the two-minute warning sounds, the leader right now, with like 3-8x the votes of DT or anyone else, is Frequent Flyer Father, who's site "something something helping Corporate Dads parent something something Loyalty Program for the Home." The competition site's been down for over an hour now, so I guess this is the end.

So a big backpatting bro-hug to all my fellow dads who haven't yet broken the carry-on-wheeling, out Sunday/home Thursday cycle. With this award--and your 1K status--you will be able to board the plane first, using this little red doormat over here.

Or, you know, not: Vote for Daddy Types as Best Daddy Blog
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FFF guy sure knows how to use his HTML style tags, though. Mad, mad props for that.

Just put my vote in so it's at 25. Let's get more votes out! Your blog is great.

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