October 7, 2011

DT Friday Freakout: I Like To Be Told Edition

Some of these things have been quietly freaking me out for weeks now. Let me get them off my chest/browser tabs, so they can ruin your weekend, too:


  • "PBS Mister Rodgers [sic] Spin-Off", says the Entertainment Week URL. I guess because it's being done by the Fred Rogers Company, I want the animated 4yo Daniel Striped Tiger series not to be awful, but. The original shows are all available for streaming on Amazon Instant Video. Don't let your kid grow up not knowing how to spell Rogers. [ew.com]
  • I like to be told. When a grandmother suddenly scoops up her 2yo granddaughter and throws her off the sixth-story walkway to the mall parking deck because she is still pissed at the guy who knocked up her 19-yo daughter, who she ended up marrying, and it happens to be the walkway we'd take every time we'd go to the foam playground at Tyson's Corner, which got turned into a stupid, stupid, garbage-theme playground "sponsored" by the mall's trash hauling company, but that's totally not the point. The point is, WTF, PEOPLE! Anyway, first degree murder. [dcist]
  • CA Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that blocks male circumcision bans from going into effect, mostly because of the Jews, which, I guess, sure. When intactivists publish cartoons featuring a bloodthirsty Monster Mohel straight out of Protocols of the Elders of Zion, whaddya expect? [talkingpointsmemo]
  • Yeah, I watched Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford commencement speech, too. And then I heard this Marketplace story where Kai Ryssdal was getting all Ira Glass, riding the bus down Sunset, and interviewing a UCLA senior whose guidance counselors were all basically channeling Jobs' "do what you love" schtick, and now she has no way to figure out what to do for her job, and guess what, most people aren't Steve Jobs and won't be, and so following their average, chuckleheaded dream will probably lead them to a life of quiet-at-best desperation. Says this guy. [bigthink]
  • There is no magic nutrient to prevent birth defects. [stanford study press release via eurekalert]
  • One in ten parents of young children are practicing an alternate vaccination lifestyle. [pediatrics/aap]
  • Nucleotides are the latest breastmilk ingredient to be identified as probably good to add to formula. [pediatrics/aap, oh wait, this is Sept. 2010?? WTF, AAP?]
  • This week the second of the kid's friend's dads is deploying to Afghanistan, where, on its tenth anniversary, the war is getting more and more ridiculously pointless. [cnn]

1 Comment

I think this is the most depressing Friday Freakout ever. But you'll probably outdo yourself in the future.

(I say all this with love, of course)

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